Becoming Members Of Society : Learning The Social Meaning Of Gender

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Gender is not as simple as just being male or female. It can refer to a male or female’s role in society or the way that a male or female characterizes themselves. There are many differences in gender that are influencing the attitudes and behaviors of men and women, these differences typically result from our society. Two articles that explain these differences and show how they are created is Aaron Devor’s, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the social meaning of Gender” in which he explains how differences in Gender result from language, upbringing, and attitudes and behavior that were taught in early childhood, and Jean Kilbourne’s, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence” in which she writes about how the attitudes of male and females are influenced by harmful media messages and advertising, especially women. Kilbourne and Devor both feel that society defines differences in gender that impact a person’s behavior. Women and Children Devor and Kilbourne both agree that society. Joan Kilbourne believes that the behaviors between genders are an immediate result of the way media messages and advertising portrays masculinity and femininity, with females getting the worse of it. Females are getting the worse of it because many of these ads have dangerous views towards them while also making them feel inferior to men. This all results in women feeling pressured to be young, thin and beautiful or else society will not accept them. One of these ads…

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