Essay on Becoming Human Worksheet

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Nova Program: Becoming Human Part III.

Watch the program at the following link: the worksheet below.

How many millions of years ago did humans diverge from apes? 6 million years ago
As recently as 50,000 years ago, there were _4_ different kinds of humans.
What species of Homo migrated out and populated the Middle East? _Homo erectus _
What species of Homo migrated out and populated Europe? _Homo neanderthalensis_
List major physical differences between these two species:
Homo sapiens Homo neanderthalensis larger brain
Which ancestor pioneered what it means to be “human”? _Homo erectus_
When did Homo erectus first appear on the African plains? _2 million years ago_
Who was the
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What was happening to the worldwide climate about 200,000 years ago? cooling. much of Africa became a desert
If the forests and savannahs of Africa were no longer habitable, where did human ancestors have to seek refuge? coasts and highlands
While it is agreed that Homo sapiens experienced a population bottleneck, there is disagreement on the actual size of the remaining population. Some researchers argue for thousands, but others believe population dropped as low as _600_.
Systematic use of coastal resources indicate what changes in brain and thought processes? cognitive complexity
Technology expanded from the simple hand axe to what type of tools? points, chissles
The 1st evidence of decorative/symbolic art has been found at levels that date to _75,000_ years.
As the climate improved, Homo sapiens migrated where? _asia, europe_.
What evidence could provide support for the assimilation/interbreeding hypothesis? fox P2 human version is unique. Identical to neanderthals
Is the gene for speech and language development in H. neanderthalensis the same as the version in H. sapiens?
Which species might have been the common ancestor of both H. neanderthalensis and H. sapiens.
Homo heidelbergensis
When scientists count up mutations to determine how long 2 species have been diversifying, they are applying a__.
According to the NOVA program, is there any evidence of Neanderthal DNA in our genes? no What two stressors might have

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