Becoming Free With Education Is The Most Valuable Source Of A Student 's Life

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Becoming Free with Education What would the world be like without an education? Despite some students who would love to end education for good, the world without education would mean no freedom. Education is something that allows students to be “free”. While everyone has a different motive for their education, we all have a goal of how we want to use it. How we preserve our education, is up to the individual. In the Malcolm X’s autobiography, he explains the power of education and the effects it had on him as a person. Whether traditional teaching or self-teaching, modern day students and students from the past could agree on how grateful an education can be. Education is the most valuable source of a student’s life. Modern day students have at least one motivation to gain an education. Whether that motivation is a financial motivation or an opportunity for a career advancement it’s a motive that everyone has set in their minds. Students in the past had more motivation than modern day students. One of those motivations is to end restriction on education. Any student, whether modern day or students from the past, could agree that education is important. During the 60’s, Malcolm X begins to understand how much an education can have an impact on a person. While serving a jail sentence for robbery, Malcolm X learns how to read and write, using only books and a dictionary. As days go by and he acquires more knowledge, Malcolm soon realizes that he’s starting to become free.…

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