Essay about Becoming Apart Of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

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“An Unintended Life”
“When something is meaningful, it has significance and worth not just to ourselves or even our closest friends and family, but to a much larger group” (McGonigal 446). In Jane McGonigal’s essay “Becoming Apart of Something Bigger Than Ourselves”, this is a part of her definition of meaning. When reading and thinking about this quote, it evidently relates to Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryant’s lives during their child and adult years described in the novel written by David Margolick, “Elizabeth and Hazel, Two Women of Little Rock”. Both ladies, though in different ways, brought meaning into their lives starting with a famous photo taken portraying racism during the civil rights era. The definition of meaning McGonigal uses “is the feeling that we are apart of something bigger than ourselves” (McGonigal 446) and she stress these great descriptions to explain what a meaningful life is. In her life, Elizabeth did become apart of something bigger than herself as she faced the worst racism and tormenting from her community; and from a shy, naïve girl, she faced it with dignity and strength. Hazel also brought meaning into her life unexpectedly by being caught in the famous photo showing her viscously howling at Elizabeth because of her skin color and even though it was negative, that moment became a moment bigger then herself. Both girls were on different sides of the racism, but still unexpectedly experienced a life of epic proportions that brought them…

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