Becoming An Officer For The United States Navy Essay

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I have a strong desire to become an officer in the United States Navy. To achieve this goal I wish to be accepted into Officer Candidate School where I will later graduate with a commission as an Ensign. I believe myself to be of both strong mind and body, and I accredit this to my commitment to my school, my work, and my training. I graduated top ten percent of my class in High School and Magna Cum Laude in college and I continually try to increase the diversity of my knowledge so to become a better rounded person. I majored in Criminology and Criminal Justice and minored in Psychology, so through convention teaching methods I have gained a firm grip in the Social Sciences; however, its through my work experience that I have really grown. I have worked at the Schaeffler Group USA for four years now and it is what I have learned here that has diversified my skill set and made me a better leader. Throughout my time there, liner motion and drivetrain producers, I have gained multiple skills that will pay dividends for my future career in the Navy. I have learned technical skills in the form of software systems ranging in purpose from data collection, statistical analysis, to inventory management, but even more importantly is the experience that I gained from my role as a leader. Three years ago I started a position where I became the local leading member of a projects team. Upper management was at corporate two hours away and I was left in charge of local operations…

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