Becoming An Immigrant Of Another Countries Children Faces Numerous Difficulties

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Becoming an immigrant in another countries children faces numerous difficulties. The problem arises when identical backgrounds became a question. Continues clashes round the world have prompted to yearly acceleration in the quantity of individuals living in outcast condition. When a child is raised with a different cultural background to the one he/she is living in, he/she may face problems with language, isolation and prejudice.
Firstly, it is not a great surprise that children who are growing upon two different communities are facing problem with languages. Children’s constitute an increasingly relevant and important source of diversity around us. People from other culture helps other people from different culture to develop cultural sensitivity and skills in working with people from different backgrounds. A person from Asian culture can explain various languages, traditions and cultures to western people. Moreover, as an individual is exposed to diverse cultures, he or he has multiple opportunities to compare and construct a more diverse worldview. Language issues are closely apparent. When a child talks with a native child born and raised in the same country, their way of communication won’t be effective like a conversation between two natives. This will result the kids who can’t express themselves clearly run the risk of being afraid to speak up in the class or being teased by friends or others around them. For Instance, when a child try to master the language and…

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