Becoming An Expert At Something You Love? Essay

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Have you ever thought about wanting to become an expert at something you love? Many people want jobs that they love so that every day at work is an amazing experience. To some people the thought of being stuck at a fast food place or a low paying job is terrifying. If a person loves animals becoming a Companion Animal Veterinarian would be the best choice for someone. A high percentage of Veterinarians love the thought of being able to relieve animals who have extreme illnesses.
A Companion Animal Veterinarian, also known as a Small Animal Veterinarian, helps animals who are sick. Every day practitioners would get to experience something new, treat different conditions, and examine different animals. A practitioner works with several animals which include: cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, and countless more small animals.
Dogs are sweet and loving pets, who most likely will become a best friend over time. Dogs that are found in local pet stores are ones who have been mistreated and used like property. 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are left homeless each year. Canines, just like humans require the basic necessities needed to survive. Cats are very smart and playful, and should never be left outside to roam alone. Hamsters and gerbils are very different, but share some of the same qualities. Hamsters can live to be 4-6 years old and likes to eat vegetables and fruits. A gerbil can live to be 5 years old. Although, some Veterinarians would have to put animals down, there would…

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