Becoming An Engineer As A Engineer Essay

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Throughout my childhood, I saw my father more as an engineer (he pursued mechanical engineering in the college) than as a business-man handling our family business as he always used to apply his engineering logics for every household problems. Be it repairing any machine in the kitchen or handling logistics in the business, he always proved that an engineer always find a unique out-of-the-box solution for every problem. And thus, in my high school, I realized that I share the same passion as my father’s and opted for science as my major stream. From then on I dreamt of becoming an engineer. With decent scores in science subjects, I decided to pursue engineering as my undergraduate degree. I chose Materials and Metallurgical Engineering as my majors at PEC University of Technology which is one of the oldest and most respected technical institutes in India.
During my course of undergraduate, I underwent a two-month long industrial training at National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) where I learned about quality standards and maintenance activities required in the plant. The plant manufactured Urea Fertilizer with Coal and Re-gasified Liquid Nitrogen Gas as the raw material. My role included a thorough quality check and providing sustainable solution applicable in the manufacturing process if any. Further, in my third year of undergraduate degree, I did a six-month long internship at Honda Cars India Limited in Quality Department. My role involved quality assessment of materials to…

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