Essay Becoming An Educator As A Educator

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Teaching Philosophy
As children we were always told by our parents to go to school. We were told to go to school and stay in school as long as we possibly can because without an education we have nothing. However with an education or any kind of degree, whether it be in political sciences or in education itself, you can manage to one day, rule the world. And I strongly believe in that. This is the reason I intend to become an educator, so that I can pass on my knowledge and understanding of the world to those who are willing to learn and achieve.
Putting myself in a position such as an educator, the progression of the students is much more important to me rather than the letter grade they receive in the course. Although I highly respect the history and old traditions of teaching, I believe that if a student has managed to excel in something that they typically did not comprehend the first time around, they are on their way to success. I believe that a student can prove their success ladder step by step gradually rather than throwing an x amount of problems on a test and saying “Show me how smart you are.” I feel that when students are asked to take tests and exams they are almost being bullied, if that is the correct term to use. I say that because not every student is capable of taking tests. While some are professionals at it, others tend to second guess their answers and are often seen clutching the roots of their hair because their mind completely went blank during the…

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