Becoming An Athletic Director : Jeff Swenson Essay

2522 Words Oct 25th, 2016 11 Pages
Jeff Swenson is the current Athletic Director for Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He sat down with for an interview with myself and two others on Friday October 7th at his Augsburg office. Our interview group was interesting in gaining insight from a college or high school athletic director. Additionally, we wanted to compare our interview subject with University of Minnesota Athletic Director Mark Coyle, who spoke to our class. We sent out email requests to several local athletic directors and received a welcoming reply from Jeff Swenson. We then proceeded to schedule an interview with him and the byproduct of that interview is exhibited in this paper. I personally wanted to learn about becoming an athletic director, because I have always seen the position as a blend between sports and administration. I like the idea of having an office and the power to make crucial decisions while also meeting and helping young people in their lives. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of roles an athletic director must play in managing an athletic department. Finally, I wanted to learn how does one become an athletic director? Jeff Swenson had a unique journey that led him to becoming an athletic director at Augsburg. First, Jeff told us that he grew up in a poor household and that it was very important that he go to a college that was close to home. He decided to go to Augsburg college, because he liked the small campus and it was close to home. In addition…

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