Becoming An Adult Is Not An Easy Experience Essay examples

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Beginning life as an adult you think, “this will be a easy, I got this.” In reality today, becoming an adult is not an easy experience. I was born to be an independent, strong headed, and dedicated person. Starting out, some do not care where their life ends up. In my own experience I went out and got a job the day I turned sixteen. My opinion is that every individual should start getting their goals together the instant they hit high school. I began and ended high school saying I would never attend college because I am just not a school person, I do not know why but it just does not thrill me. In reality, I was the girl who went to school and got straight A’s on my report cards just because I do not like the feeling of failing. I always thought to myself, “My parents didn’t attend college why should I have to? They gave me a wonderful childhood.” It was four years out of high school I found myself struggling to pay bills with a retail job paycheck. As we all know, that is not an easy process. Every morning I get up and go to work and enjoy seeing my regular customers, communicating with them and making sure they are doing okay. Seeing all these elderly people coming into my drugstore in pain and struggling to get through really opened my eyes to the future. Also, the medical field individuals entering the store in their scrubs and work uniforms really made me think, “ I want to be wearing on of those uniforms one day, I want to help change lives the way they…

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