Becoming An Administrator At The Sunlight Hospital Essay

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As an administrator at the Sunlight Hospital, I have concerns about the complaints that are going on amongst my patients and the quality care that my patients need. Even though the patients love the hospital, it seems like there are somethings that I need to address to assure that my patients are getting the best care. First I would start a suggestion box that way the patients can post their concerns and its anonymous to see how I can improve the structure of the company. I’m also going to see what I can do in order for my employees to interact more with the patients. Some suggestions to consider would be to raffles, when you sign in they pick up a raffle and get ready for the games to started. With this game the patients will be able to win small prizes that they may need. Next would be a small area other than the snack area where they could put something in their bellies, due to the fact that some patients be there for hours at times. Items such as popcorn and juices. Other suggestions are supplies they should keep frequently needed supplies in patient rooms and restock them on a regular. Another suggestion would be hourly rounding, this method lets your patients know what’s going on and how long the wait could be for them. This way you will see how satisfaction go up and you won’t have tons of people coming to the desk asking you what going on and why they haven’t been called up yet (Health Leaders Media 2015).
Classify five (5) measurements of quality of care in a…

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