Becoming A Veterinary Technician At The Florida Institute Of Animal Arts

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When contemplating what I wanted to achieve, looking back on my childhood, I had an assortment of animals such as, hamsters, rabbits, and dogs. Taking a look down memory lane, I can remember having a tenderness and yearning for animals from the past until now, I have nursed and taken care of animals for so long On the day I graduated high-school I was sure I wanted to become a veterinary technician. Caretaker for my animals, I have medicated and cared for them when they were ill, including hygiene such as clipping nails, cleaning ears, and bathing. Watching the animal planet, observing the technician and the veterinarian doing everything they could to save an animal’s life, inspired me to believe I can do the same thing.
After graduating, I signed up and attended the Florida Institute of Animal Arts where took a course in veterinary technician learning the basics of animal medicine including participating in hands-on experience working with farm and domestic animals. During the program, I participated in an externship working at various veterinary hospitals such as Banfield where I saw and learned numerous thing pertaining to veterinary medicine. Finally understanding what a veterinary assistant what a veterinary assistant career consisted of, I knew it wasn’t the perfect career for me. Accidentally discovered I enjoyed working in the laboratory running in-depth testing on the stool, blood, and urine samples of canines and feline, as well as looking under the microscope…

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