Becoming A Us Citizen Essay

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It is a very challenging task to become a U.S. citizen because there are so many responsibilities. But, the reason why people come to the U.S. is because they want a fresh start and to get away from the governments that try to control them. Many governments also try to take advantage of these people and don’t give them an option to leave the country. People must work hard to become a citizen, they must always follow the rules, and it is important for them to be involved with their communities.
There are several different ways to become a U.S. citizen, such as green card naturalization, marry a U.S. citizen, join the military, or gaining citizenship through your parents. To gain citizenship through green card naturalization you must be a permanent resident, have lived in state for at least three months, stay in the U.S., learn the language and history, and be a decent person. To earn citizenship by marrying a U.S. citizen you must be at least 18 years old, be a green card holder, and your spouse must have been a U.S. citizen for at least 3 years. In order to achieve citizenship by joining the military you must have served honorably in the armed forces for at least a year and then apply for “peacetime naturalization”. The last way to earn citizenship is by being a minor and when your parents pass the citizenship test you automatically become a
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Many people try to escape their countries and come to America in hope for a better life. America is a great place to escape to because of all the freedom you retain as a citizen. But, many people that come here come illegally, which is why they don’t have as much freedom as a U.S. citizen. You must work hard to become a citizen and maintain that citizenship. You must always follow the rules of the constitution and you should be involved in your community to try and better understand the elections that

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