Becoming A Ub Graduate Student Essay

1112 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
Personal Statement Becoming a UB graduate student is one more life goal that I have achieved, but a master 's degree cannot satisfy my eagerness for knowledge. My goal is to become a doctoral student and eventually become a scholar who is able to contribute to the progress of human being. I was born in a working-class family, my father was the victim of China 's reform and opening up, I witnessed a half-feudal society on its half way to modernization, conducted its primitive accumulation under the banner of advanced, democratic and just socialism during my childhood. I feel deeply aggrieved about the reality, there was a fantasy in my heart: if I am an emperor, how would I make my world and people better. The discontent of the reality is the origin of my motivation to change the society in the future. I lacked of discipline back then because of family’s migration experience and mother’s serious illness. However, at the same time, I deeply experienced the unforgettable prejudice and discrimination from China’s new bourgeois elite children, just like how how the American working-class children experienced at 30s. My life turning point was my 12th grade, my father quitted his job and became a writing teacher, not only hoped to accompany me to finish the stage of basic education, but also to compensate for their lack of time on my education. This is the first time I felt the power of education in changing and shaping one’s soul. I am here applying for the best…

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