Essay about Becoming A Teacher, Society And Advocacy Major

1088 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Upon the arrival of my decision to become a Teaching Schools, Society and Advocacy Major, the process included many episodes of trial and error, reflection, and resistance. Growing up, the phrase “ I want to be a teacher when I grow up”, had never left my lips, the focus was on every other career pathway. I knew that I wanted a hands on career within the humanities spectrum that involved working with children; however it was not teaching. I have always found teachers to be very influential people in my life and appreciated their efforts in order to help me attain new information but I could not accept why the career was so undervalued. When speaking on being undervalued, I am not referring to the income of a teacher, but the constant disrespect towards the career and misconceptions of what it consists of. Pursuing a career based on income only speaks on one’s character, my philosophy is to pursue a career that provides my life with meaning, challenges, and growth. Holding the title as an educator will mean too much to me to even explain it to those who degrade my career choice with words, I hold the ability to provide a child with one of the most valuable possessions that no one can steal from them; an education . Seeing what teachers were responsible for and well as ones that would spend parts of their income to ensure sufficient learning for students or even to provide some type of rewards to show students encouragement for their academic progress. Moreover,…

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