Becoming A Teacher Is The Fundamental Grasp Of The Curriculum That Affects The Society That We Live

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Becoming a teacher has always been something I had to work hard for; it has constantly felt that it has always been a long-term goal that was being pushed further and further into my future. I have been through a community college, a university, and now graduate school and it was not until this year that I realized now I am making progress towards my goal. A great teacher is one who has had life experiences and takes them in stride. They have to constantly place themselves in the position of others, which at times is a difficult to do. Being a teacher this is something that needs to be done everyday to meet the needs of your students. It requires you to be selfless and to have an open mind.
The goal of education is to establish a fundamental grasp of the curriculum that affects the society that we live in. It ranges from different subjects to trends that are current to a variety of ways of learning. The outcome should be that at the end of high school these students can apply what they learned in the classroom into the real world. The role of their teachers are to take the students strengths and develop them as the year progresses and take their weakness’s and establish them into learning goals. I want to shape my students to be at the top of their learning peak. Regardless of the subject I teach, I want them to be able to apply what they are good at in order for them to learn in my class. In a way I would like to take many approaches when teaching students a lesson that way…

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