Becoming A Teacher As A Mentor Essay

701 Words Dec 1st, 2016 3 Pages
Life is often hard to do on your own, especially as a young person. There are a few people that help us grow, which often can mean our parents, friends, or other family members, but to many people, a teacher or someone who works at a school can make the biggest impact. Mentors are people who are wise, and can help others in the situations they are presented with. In schools, there are often many students who struggle with learning, at home life, or personal things going on in their lives. Mentors are important especially to these students, because with just showing some care and motivating them to succeed can cause a huge impact that can even affect their entire lives. Overall, any type of mentor pushes people to do their best, and help them in any way possible. In high school, I was lucky enough to have my English teacher as a mentor. She was a strict teacher, not in a bad way, just strict enough to get us to try our best in class and with our assignments. She taught our entire class how to be responsible by not accepting late work, and helped us express ourselves with creative assignments. Not only was she good at mentoring the class as a whole, she was an excellent one-on-one mentor as well. She offered her time before and after school to talk with students, help them with things, and whatever we needed. I took her up on her offer many times, not just because of the help I could receive, but because of her passion for teaching and her positive attitude. She helped me…

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