Becoming A Teacher, A Career Counselor Essay

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In the 21st century it is important to have a good career. It is important to start looking from young age. In my research, I have found five careers that have the potential to become one of my future jobs. The five careers I have chosen are becoming a teacher, a guidance counselor, a career counselor, becoming a psychologist or lastly becoming a pharmacist. A teacher is a person who teaches. Their responsibilities are to always have lesson plans prepared. Followed by teaching classes and evaluating their students progress. It is also very important to maintain discipline in the classroom. The teacher must have unlimited energy and knowledge about the subject they are teaching. The most important thing is to create an academic and fun environment for the kids. Teachers work in a classroom in a school. Research shows a safe environment, strong administrative, involved parents and sufficient learning resources can enhance teachers commitment to school as well as promote their job and satisfaction. The amount of education needed are a bachelor’s degree that you are going to teach in, a passing score in a state required examination and completing a teaching internship followed by a college degree. Public schools require you to have a state-issued license. To get these following things, you go to a college to get them. You can receive your bachelor’s in elementary or secondary education in five years. Potential teachers take 24 to 36 credits in a field and also 18 to 24…

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