Essay on Becoming A Surgeon Is The Perfect Job For Me

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While other six year old girls loved playing dress up and pretended to be princesses, I was always too busy pretending to save the lives of my imaginary patients. My family members have always told me that I stood out from the other girls from a very young age, other girls were in love with the thought of meeting prince charming one day, while I was in love with the thought of becoming an individual who will be entitled to save the lives of strangers. In this paper I will explain why I have chosen to become a surgeon, and also why I believe it is the perfect job for me.
I have finally decided on the thought of becoming a surgeon, but before I can actually make that dream a reality, I plan on majoring in Biology as an undergraduate student at IU. These types of doctors are the ones with the most work, when they aren’t dealing with surgery they are responsible for completing diagnostic tests, prescribing medication, and teaching patients the importance of health and hygiene (What is the job description of a surgeon?,2015). The main responsibility of a surgeon is to diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. I would never change my thought of becoming a surgeon because personally I believe there is nothing more rewarding than coming out of an operating room knowing that you have just changed someone’s life for the better, all with the help of a few surgical tools and your brain power. The job of a surgeon is very demanding because of how seriously surgery must be taken.…

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