Essay on Becoming A Surgeon Is Not Easy

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Becoming a surgeon is not easy, but it‘s great knowing that you can save lives. Surgeons have changed over the years through the development of new technology. The new technology also helps with how much schooling you have to do. Though it takes away some of the work in medical school, you still have to go through a lot of education before becoming one. After becoming a surgeons, you have lives of people in your hands. You need to become very good at what you do.
Surgery is perhaps the oldest of all medical specialties. “Evidence from Egypt, Greece, China, and India, suggests that humans have always performed and worked on developing surgical procedures.” (“Surgeons” 538). If an arm ever got infected the surgeon 's back then, may have needed to amputate the arm. Egyptians would use surgical procedures to take out organs before mummification. For a long time surgery was basically the same barbaric ways of knocking them out with a rock or tieing them up and shoving alcohol down their throat until surgery advanced in the eighteenth century, when the knowledge of anatomy increased through the pathology. Pathology is basically this: some scientist became curious about the human anatomy. Then they would perform surgical procedures on dead bodies to see the inside, which would help teach others about the anatomy. At this time, there wasn’t a lot to do about some injuries, but surgical procedures performed were amputations, as well as tumor and bladder stone removal. The scientists…

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