Becoming A Special Educational Teacher Essay

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After interviewing Ms. Hammond and Ms. Walker the author had to do some deep thinking on the questions and answers of the interview part of this assignment. Each individual question and answer the author reviewed a number of times and has determined the pros and cons of becoming a special educational teacher. The author’s drive on pursuing a career as a special education teacher started during his teenage years as a volunteer at the neighborhood YMCA during the author junior years of high school, after high the journey continued during a 27 ½ law enforcement career when the author started coaching little league football and managing the local youth drum Corp. The personal feeling of joy helping the community youth and watching them grow and become the best that they could be as become very self-satisfying for the author. After retiring from a long law enforcement career the author was employed at the Essex Junior Academy special education school as a security officer during the middle of the first year at the school the author was approached by the school principal who ask him if he would like to work in a classroom with students as a paraprofessional, the author then took the state paraprofessional test and pass and was then placed in to a classroom to work with students who had behavioral disabilities. This become even more pleasing and self-satisfying for the author who was then told by the head classroom teacher that she felt that he should further his education as a…

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