Becoming A Social Psychologist Who Is Leading Cutting Edge Research At A Research Institution Or University

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My ultimate goal is to become a social psychologist who is leading cutting edge research at a research institution or university. My main career goal is to further knowledge and understanding in the social psychology subjects of stereotypes, attitudes, and perceptions. I hope to lead research that investigates the individual differences between races and socioeconomical statuses when it comes to the social effects of technology as well as technology’s effect on stereotypes, attitudes and perceptions. Completing the graduate program San Francisco State University, I would have spent two years cultivating and crafting my abilities as a researcher. Your program at San Francisco State University puts such a strong emphasis on research that would is a fundamental step in achieving my goal to becoming a social psychologist at a research institution or university. This can be seen in your program through the requirement to participant in research under a faculty member beginning the first day of the semester. The research labs for your program are very active and this would allow not only to receive the training and knowledge necessary to achieve my goals but also allow me to be surrounded by a research environment. This program is also filled with active labs focusing on topics I am extremely interested in such as culture and emotions as well as social perception, attitudes, and mental stimulation. Your graduate program at San Francisco State University would be a key element in…

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