Becoming A Single Working Parent Essays

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From the second presented case, Betsy is introduced. She is a 35-year-old graduating at the end of the semester. Her major is English Literature, she has a 3.6 grade point average, and has three children. She was previously enrolled in community college, transferred to a four year university, and then took time off from school to attend to her youngest child’s illness. Betsy is excited about graduating at the end of the semester, but is concerned about what her future looks like. She quickly voiced her concerns about the lack of job opportunities for her specific major, and how she is skeptical about moving, due to her children growing up in the area and her local church community. She also prefers a schedule that will allow her to spend evenings at home with her children, since she is divorced and going to be a single-working parent. Betsy is facing the stress majority of graduating seniors start to focus on when the realization that their college career is ending, and it is time to enter the ‘real world.’ With a student in this position, it would be best to utilize the advising as coaching method to address Betsy’s questions and concerns.
The advising as coaching approach focuses on motivating and creating situations for the student to use what was learned in the classroom in real life situations. With Betsy being close to graduation, it is clear she needs words of encouragement, motivation, and help setting goals. Example goals include: preparing a resume,…

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