Becoming A Sanctuary For The Young Woman Essay

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Cafés had become a sanctuary for the young woman. She had remained within its brick walls for a fleeting moment of time. Away from the biting snows that yearned to devour her, she embraced herself, capturing the warm air around her. This provided herself with a sense of security she had long since forgotten. And yet, she knew it wouldn’t last forever.
‘Not to rush you, my dear, but we 'll be closing up soon.’
‘Oh... No worries, I was just about to leave.’
‘Okay, make sure you get home safe darling.’
She pushed open the door, her lack of energy was beginning to take hold of her. The black sky was full of stars and the cold wind stung her like a dagger through flesh. Shielding herself from the deathly atmosphere she proceeded to march down the street that was coated with snow.
Chaos reigned the stretch of pavement that trailed off into the distance. The screeching of cars and bustling of crowds all morphed into a deafening cloud of noise that chimed in her scarlet ears. She saw the eyes of every passerby, all full of joy, each one carrying bags filled to the brim with gifts for loved ones, wrapped up in their small worlds of merriment. These images were more agonising, more haunting to her than the freezing of her blood or the tightening in her stomach.
‘Home’ was an abandoned building that looked like it belonged to a bygone age, a place that now only attracted the forgotten and the rats created a kingdom from its rusted walls. She pulled herself through the shattered window…

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