Essay on Becoming A Qualified Chartered Accountant

1038 Words Mar 12th, 2016 null Page
I have always dreams of becoming a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant. Studying accounts is the next step towards this goal. I believe in my education, skills and love of numbers are qualities which make me an ideal candidate to embark on a career in the field of accountancy. I want to study Accounting because careers in accounting have a wide range of vocations such as auditing, taxation and others. Furthermore, it 's also offers with the very high salaries. I have read that, a National Institute study identified accounting as the most lucrative of all degree courses in terms of graduates’ lifetime earning capacity.
My choice of Accounting is directly influenced by my desire to have a career in the financial sector as well as subjects that I performed well in at Mara Professional College Beranang, Selangor and (Plymouth University, United Kingdom.) I have always enjoyed subjects which focus on number and calculation. Studying Accounting not only made good use of my mathematical skills but also encourage a patient approach to problem solving.
As a first year students at Mara Professional College Beranang, I had no concept and no basic about the accounting compared to my classmates that already have a knowledge about the accounting. So, it is inspired me to learn more and I 'm always asking the lecturers or friends until I 'm understands. They described me as a fast learner. It 's show that I 'm easily to catch up what the lecturer taught.( Since I was studying at…

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