Becoming A Physician 's Assistant Essay

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I am currently a team member at a Target retail store in the hardlines department. The current work I do is meaningful and fulfilling in the community in which I work, however it is not very impactful on society. My ultimate goal is to make the work I do on a daily basis meaningful and impactful while allowing the use of a higher level of knowledge to aid others. My plan is to become a physician’s assistant to meet my ultimate goal. Not only does it allow the use of a higher knowledge to aid others, but it’s a type of work I’ve deemed meaningful since I originally stepped foot into the medical field two years ago. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant was what solidified my decision to become a physician’s assistant. During my work, I had the opportunity to work with many inspirational physician’s assistants and they made
Running Head: CREATING YOUR CAREER PLAN it clear and affirmed that my decision to become a physician’s assistant was the right one. Knowing what my career path was only half the battle, but the path from point A to point B remained clouded. How exactly was I going to make my way from where I am to becoming the great physician’s assistant I was destined to be? Fortunately, the career center at CSU­Global aided me in projecting the remainder of my career path.
The Career Center Resources
The career center offers various forms of resources for aiding in the search for a job or potential career path. The first resource I originally encountered was the…

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