Becoming A Physician Assistant ( Pa ) Essay

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“No one has ever become poor by helping” quote by Anne Franklin. There is more gratitude and blessings in giving than in receiving and I have had the opportunity to witness this statement. My experience in the medical field has shaped my view of medicine and sparked my interest in becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) with a desire to help underserved communities, specifically the Latino community.
From being a child to current day, I served as a translator for my mother whenever we had doctor visits. My mother would strive to search for providers who spoke Spanish; she felt more at ease when discussing her medical issues with a provider who spoke the same language as her. Throughout my medical experience, I have seen this issue arise repeatedly in the medical field. I recall certain occasions where I am the sole individual who spoke Spanish and is translated between providers and patients. Thus, as a future PA I aim to help the underserved communities that lack bilingual healthcare professionals in hope of bringing healthcare to this patient population.
I was introduced to the healthcare field four years ago as a second year college student who was interested in medicine but undecided on what career path to pursue. I worked for the Methodist Healthcare System in several medical settings including the emergency room, labor and delivery and surgery units in the admissions department. Working alongside a variety of healthcare professionals such as technicians, nurses, nurse…

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