Essay on Becoming A Physician Assistant ( Pa )

1138 Words Aug 17th, 2015 null Page
My decision to become a Physician Assistant (PA) is the result of the experiences and the knowledge gained from volunteering, shadowing and working close with PAs for the last several years. Moreover, the decision to choose PA as a career is also due to the personal and professional experiences observed while attending the first two years of medical school. While I have wanted to be a physician since the junior year of undergraduate studies, my perspective of the role of a doctor in terms of patient-care altered during a Family/Internal Medicine clinical rotation in Atlanta, Georgia. During this rotation, a group of four medical students was assigned to one Medical Doctor (MD) or one PA for a total of twelve weeks. Each morning, the students were allotted to team up with either an MD or the PA and were to follow them to see patients. From previous experiences, I understood that one of the roles of a physician, in addition to the mounting demands of their time with each patient, is to perform administrative tasks such as writing chart notes, communicating with other doctors and ordering lab tests. After following a primary care MD for the first week, I witnessed the large volume of patients the doctor had to examine and treat with the limited time available. We were seeing patients rather quickly from one room to the next, and I felt as if the physician was rushing the time spent with the patients. I realized that since time is finite, it was difficult for the physician to…

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