Becoming A Pharmacist As A Medical Professional Career Goal Essay

1228 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Becoming a Pharmacist was never a professional career goal of mine, until recently. I graduated High school with the mindset I would become a nurse. Pharmacy sounded boring to me. Being an ignorant high schooler, I believed all they did was count pills. Once I began school for Nurs-ing I had to take a few Pharmacology classes. When I started my Pharmacology classes I fell in love with Pharmacology. The science behind medicine was interesting. I couldn’t believe all the things medicine could help with. Or what it can do to the body in a negative way as well. I Im-mediately changed my career goals and educated myself more on a profession in Pharmacy.

What is a Pharmacist? A Pharmacist is a medical professional that dispenses prescription medication called in from a patient’s doctor. A prescription can reach a Pharmacy through Fax, Phone and Electronic Prescription requests. Sometimes patients may even have a hard copy pre-scription, they then are advised to drop them off personally. Once a Prescription reaches a Phar-macy, data entry is then processed. Data entry is the input of patient information. An example of the information needed is name, date of birth and address. During the data entry process the pharmacy will also collect insurance information. After data entry is complete the prescription is then dispensed and verified by a team of Pharmacy technicians and Pharmacists. The Pharmacists will also go through any possible interactions between a patient’s current…

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