Becoming A Pediatric Doctor Essay examples

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Becoming a Pediatric Doctor
Pediatric Doctors , also known as Pediatricians specialize in treating babies, children, adolescents, and young adults. They treat illnesses and other health conditions while also providing preventative care (How to become a Pediatrician). There are 5 steps to becoming a Pediatric Doctor; an aspiring Pediatrician must obtain a bachelor’s degree, graduate from medical school, earn a license, complete a pediatric residency, and earn a board certification (How to become a Pediatrician). Amongst these requirements one should also have strong rhetoric and writing skills which most people underestimate the need for these important skills when becoming a Pediatrician. They forget that it is a crucial part of this career when documenting in a patient’s chart and communicating treatment plans with the ultimate goal of achieving patient satisfaction (National Institute of Health).
During your undergrad you should the classes to focus on are Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physics, and Calculus as the premedical requirements. A person, interested in pursuing a career path as a pediatrician, must exceed academically during the undergraduate degree, as getting into medical school is highly competitive, according to Healthcare Careers. You must also show that you are unique and stand out among other students applying. Pediatrician Steven J Halm ( describes this as, “showing that you are committed to “The Good” in life, such as donating your…

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