Essay on Becoming A Nurse Is My Dream Job

755 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
When I was little, I was asked the question, “Jeni, what do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was always the same two things, a mom and a nurse. Over time, despite the multiple directions life had pulled me in and the obstacles that I have had to overcome, my dreams and goals never wavered. Today I can proudly say I have accomplished half of my dream, which is being a mother, and now I am striving to complete the other half. Although I can give you countless reasons why becoming a nurse is my dream job, I want to focus on a moment in time that brought me clarity and strengthened my desire to become one. At the age of seventeen, my mother was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma. After the diagnosis, she was hospitalized for six months. That was half a year I spent at the hospital on a daily basis. During that period, I had to stand by and watch as my mother went through several stages of sickness. It made me feel helpless and terrified, especially in the beginning. My only reassurance that she, as well as myself, were going to get through it was the care she received from the nurses. They were continually in and out of her room, making sure she didn’t want for anything, and they did everything they could to make her comfortable. Her care ranged from things as big as receiving medications to things as small as assuring she was warm enough. What was amazing was that not only did the nurses care for my mother, but they also reached out to me and the rest…

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