Becoming A Nurse For More Than 22 Years Essay

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Introduction Hi, I’m Myrna Montoya, and I have been a nurse for more than 22 years. Nursing is my third profession. I was a schoolteacher and a consultant in training and development in my past life. When I got my diploma in nursing from Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing in Teaneck, NJ, I gave myself five years to link the three “me’s” into one “me”. On the fourth year of working as a staff nurse, I was offered a nurse educator position in the Education and Practice department in the Medical Center where I worked. I held the position for 19 years until I have to go on medical leave. When I was ready to go back to work, I started a new job as Quality Manager in a community hospital in East Orange New Jersey. In 2015, an opportunity opened up for me to work in New Jersey State hospital in Newark. In my current role as a patient safety analyst, I ensure that the culture of safety is in place and adhered to at all times.

Although the practice setting of my entire nursing career had been the acute care, I am happy to say that all the three hospitals I have worked, had a strong commitment to the community. Community outreach programs were organized several times during the year to hold health drives, e.g., breast and prostate cancer awareness weeks, Diabetes, African-American Heritage Week; and health fairs and mobile health vans, just to mention a few. In the first hospital I worked, I spearheaded several health fairs and festivals in my capacity as a nurse…

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