Becoming A Nurse At High School After I Attended A Career Field Trip

775 Words Dec 27th, 2016 4 Pages
I made the decision to become a nurse in high school after I attended a career field trip. A career in healthcare immediately intrigued me because I had always wanted to help people in my community. However, I struggled with the decision of becoming a doctor or a nurse. I believe God led me to the hospital that day to show me the profession I needed to be compassionate about. During that field trip, I was able to observe several procedures. It became apparent just in the short observation day, that nurses interacted and supported the patients tremendously. After the physicians would leave, the nurses would not only provide care but also explain everything to patients and family members in terms they could understand. It was apparent that the physicians were dedicated and driven, but the nurses truly formed special relationships with their patients that I could not help but admire. The differences between the two professions and how they interacted and supported their patients directed me into the profession of nursing. Now that I have attained by Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I wish to obtain my Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in the role of Family Nurse Practitioner. I would like to advance my education, so that I may practice in a more diagnostic position to patients across their lifespan. When I reflect on the reasons why I want to become a nurse practitioner, I always think of my field trip and the feelings I had over becoming a doctor or a nurse. I believe…

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