Becoming A Nurse As A Career Path Essay

1016 Words Jul 7th, 2016 null Page
Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to work in the health care field. As I grew older, I specifically chose to pursue nursing as a career path. I want to become the registered nurse (RN) that I would approve my family to be cared for. I admire nursing for treating each patient as an individual. I value empathy, honesty, and passion because we taking care of patient’s who are at their most vulnerable point due to illness. Regardless of their socioeconomic, religion, race/ethnicity, sex, or age we take care of them in a nonjudgmental manner and educate on caring and managing for their disease. Empowering a person after they have just been given bad news can make me feel as if I can make a difference. I appreciate and enjoy the impact we have in caring for these individuals who put so much trust in our hands.
As former licensed practical nurse (LPN), I have strengths and opportunities, but I also have weaknesses and threats. My strengths are timeliness, task-oriented, and organization. I manage my time according to prioritization. I work well as a team player and believe everyone’s role is important. I am caring, committed, and a good listener, as well. My weaknesses are delegation and avoiding conflict. I can say, “yes” too often, when it is not the best decision to be made. I need more hands-on practice with some of nursing skills that have been introduced. I have ideas of a specific specialty to work in, but I can be unsure and indecisive. I have many opportunities…

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