Becoming A New Love For Improvisation Essay

1063 Words Oct 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Starting fall semester of my junior year in Modern III, I knew that I would be challenged in several ways including: pushing my limits further, taking huge risks for myself, and learning choreography at a faster pace. So far in modern this semester, I feel that I have succeeded in these certain areas. I have experienced news things with my body by finding new places that my body could reach as well as surprising myself with things my body hasn’t ever experienced before. At the end of August, I set a few goals for myself that included: taking more risks, reaching to my fullest kinesphere and really performing the phrase, and focusing on getting my pelvis underneath me when getting in and out of the floor. When setting these goals for myself, I knew that I had to focus on my body as a whole, but working on the areas that I struggle in, I have found a new love for improvisation. I started finding new possible areas where my body could go. When improvising movements across the floor or in the center, I have found new possible areas that my body could reach. When giving a task to use such as roll, cut, flip, etc it is easier for me to just go for it because I have an image in my head to follow by. Improvising with my eyes closed helps me just go for it rather than holding back and using the same movements over and over again. When worrying less about how I look or what movement is going to come next, I have been letting my movement’s just follow through and allowing that to…

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