Becoming A New Country No Doubt Essay

1635 Words Nov 15th, 2016 7 Pages
Immigrating to a new country no doubt brings about a new life full of new opportunities and experiences. Starting new in a foreign place can be nerve-racking, risky, and exciting. It is evident that immigrants coming to Canada may find it difficult to find work which is in the same field as their careers back home, and it is evident that the credentials in one country may not represent the same credentials in another country. What is prestigious in one place of origin may not be prestigious in another. Consequently, one may see leaving their old life as a risk, while others see it as an opportunity. My sociological research question for this oral history assignment is as follows; do adult immigrants to Canada face challenges in applying for jobs in the similar fields in Canada as the ones back home?
The people I have chosen to interview are 3 men in their early 30s who immigrated from Afghanistan within the last 10 years. My first interviewee was Mame; a 31-year-old police officer back home, who now works for the OPP here in Canada. Second was Ali, 34 years old, who worked as a history teacher back home and whom works as a taxi driver here now in Canada. Lastly was Ivan, who worked as a mechanic at his Father’s shop back in Afghanistan, and now owns a restaurant business in Canada. The theme of this oral history is focusing around employment and the experiences these men encountered when applying for work in Canada. Through the interview process, this oral history assignment…

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