Becoming A Multicultural Environment At The United States Of America

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My life has been attached to remarkable challenges. One of the most significant was when I moved from my country, Venezuela, some years ago. We decided as a family to explore a land more distant and promising great opportunities (the United States of America). I was facing a new world of opportunities and many challenges, such as starting new friendships, work, and continuing education, in a very different culture. Some years ago, I took the challenge of starting to work with the Judicial System as a Judicial Assistant. Without having a legal background, only a degree of Analyst Programmer and three and half years of Major Education, I agreed to accept the challenge. Throughout my life, I have consistently been enthusiastic about helping people. Coming from a multicultural environment, where my parents came from different countries and spoke two different languages, I developed a sense of adjustment to changes, cultures, and personalities, opened my eyes to appreciate the wonderful diversity of ethnic groups from different countries.
When I started to wrap myself in this legal world, I was able to maximize my potential to respectfully serve others, my strength to face tough times and my linguistic capacity to serve as an intermediary to help others in need. My spirit of determination, enthusiasm for educating myself, and my strong human cultural diversity will path my way to success in different cultures and environments These characteristics have been my reason for past…

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