Becoming A Mother Is The Most Difficult Essay

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Becoming a mother is the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life. Carrying a child in my womb for nine months and going through labor was something that was sometimes very hard. But once that was all over and I got to hold my new bundle of joy, a baby boy named Zeeden, it was all worth it. Early morning of March 29th, 2010, I woke up and had to run to the bathroom to puke. I don 't usually throw up. I then started to wonder, if I was pregnant. That afternoon I had bought a pregnancy test from the store. I rushed home to test to see if it was in fact positive. As soon as the pregnancy test read positive I bawled. I was happy, and scared, because I was only eighteen years old and I was scared to tell somebody. That evening I had to go to work. Kobie, boyfriend, the soon to be father, was working that night as well. I avoided him as much as possible, until he cornered me because he know something was bothering me. I finally told him and he hugged me with excitement, and he told me everything will be ok. Being that I was nervous, I didn 't go see a doctor until I was twenty five weeks pregnant. That first doctors visit, Doctor Nesetti informed Kobie and I that we were having a girl. Right around this time Kobie and I noticed that I had started to show a little baby bump. By thirty weeks, I felt like I was huge. We could feel the baby kick and when the baby had hiccups, which always felt like having butterflies in my stomach. During the day baby…

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