Becoming A Master Of Physical Therapy Essay

747 Words Dec 12th, 2016 3 Pages
To strategically implement my first choice of attaining a master of physical therapy degree, I will need to take shorter-term action steps. I will have to consider all the barriers listed above and get all support possible. First, in order to be qualified to apply for the Master of Physical Therapy program, I will need to enroll in the mandatory prerequisite courses. Along with enrolling in those courses, I will need to maintain a competitive GPA in order to be accepted into the master’s program. I should have this done by the end of 2017. Next, I will need to volunteer at a physiotherapy clinic and the hospital to get more experience in the field. This experience is very valuable as it will add to my application for the master’s program. Since it is a very competitive program, virtually every student has plenty of volunteer experience to go along with their competitive GPA. I will need to start volunteering as soon as possible, and be volunteering at at least one place by the end of 2016. Along with that, I will need to do research in the schools that offer Master of Physical Therapy programs in Ontario, and what my chances are to get accepted in the schools. This is to prepare for geographical changes that may occur if I get accepted in a school that is in a different country. I should complete this before the end of 2016 as it will require me compromise and move to a different country. Moreover, it will give me an estimate as to how high my GPA must be for the following…

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