Essay on Becoming A Human Resource Specialist

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When I finish school, I plan on becoming a Human Resource Specialist, because I have always enjoyed working in an office atmosphere and getting to know different cultures through my job. However, there are many steps I must accomplish in getting to my chosen career. Part of the job description for being a Human Resource Specialist include many duties ranging from creating jobs to finding the right person for the position. Human resource specialists; have many jobs included in that little range, they prepare or update employment records, they also ensure all paperwork is completed and processed, as well as addressing any employment issues. The overall Job description is ensuring that the workplace is always running efficiently. To be a Human Resource Professional, you must have basic requirements to meet the job description. You must acquire a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource, Business Management, or related field. People also go a different route and graduate with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resource Management. The personal traits requirements of Human Resources is communication, great presenter, time management, self-discipline, and a willing to learn new things. Communication is good for human resources is because you must be able to listen to employees and what their complaints or concerns are so you can better understand how to help the employee. Great Presenter play a vital role in Human Resource due to the fact they must…

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