Becoming A High School Educator Essay

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Becoming a high school educator is not an easy task, becoming one in Texas is even harder. There are many different positions and opportunities that come with this career choice. This important job takes time and money to be properly trained. In return a teacher is given a suitable salary and have a chance to make a difference in a young person’s life.
The most significant job of an educator is to educate individuals with the knowledge they need in order to succeed in life. As for a high school teacher, it is his or her job to prepare students for the approaching storm of reality. Norman G. King, Jr. suggested in a quote that it is not a teacher’s job to judge but to help his or her students any way possible. He quoted,” We have set as our mission: To prepare our students to be successful, whether they go on to institutions of higher learning or enter the work force, enabling them to become productive, responsible members of society by providing an education that encompasses values, citizenship, self-esteem, decision-making skills, good ethics and good character.” If a society did not have educators to take students from middle school to college, most graduate would not succeed in their endeavors. It is up to teachers to educate their pupils with the skills they need to accomplish their goals. (2000)
The same with other important jobs, an extreme amount of education and certification is needed to become a professional educator, even more so when one is to teach in Texas. A…

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