Becoming A High School Agricultural Science Teacher Essay

1250 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
One of the reasons I am most excited about becoming a high school agricultural science teacher is the opportunity that is available to influence students’ lives. I did not realize how much of an impact all of my teachers had on me until I began school at Texas A&M Whether it was good or bad, they helped me become the person I am today. I will forever be grateful for the lessons they taught me, and for their influence on my career choice. My results for the Texas Genuine Assessment were a motivation during the stressful end of semester times. The top result was education and training, second was agriculture food and natural resources, and third was health science. Education and training was at the top because of my strengths in planning and managing. Some of the career options for agriculture food and natural resources were representative of the career pathways available in agricultural education program. The result I was most surprised about was health science. Based on the description, I think that was one of my top results in the assessment because of my love for helping people. When we were instructed to take this type of assessment in high school, all of my classmates and I would get frustrated during the process. The basis that the assessments where based on led to career results that had absolutely nothing in common with the things we enjoyed doing. I think that this Texas Genuine Assessment could be a useful tool in my teaching career. Through the Achieve Texas…

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