Becoming A Future Nurse Educator Essay

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As a future nurse educator I look forward to teaching college students. I picture myself teaching students the basics of nursing. I hope that I have a good mentor as I enter this field. I noticed this theme in my reading and feel that this would be a plus to my learning how to approach the students. I also feel that I am wise enough to realize that I am one who knows that she does not know it all, I am willing to help a student know where to find it. I feel that the students would need to know that they are not going to know it all, even when they approach the real world of nursing. I would want them to know that they need to practice safe nursing and know when to ask questions of another mentoring nurse.
I would also like to serve the other nurse educator as I have progressed in my position of a nurse educator. I would like to be able to serve a mentor to the other nurses. A great mentor is someone who a nurse feels comfortable with as they work alongside the other nurse, enough that they would share their knowledge when they needed someone to ask questions. An excellent mentor would never flaunt the knowledge that they have and belittle the other nurse. Mentoring strengthens the overall nursing skills of the facility (Bryant et al., 2015). A mentor may be able to direct the person in the right direction if the person does not know the answers.
Scholarship is the definition of the way that the nurse educator role is evolving toward and emphasizes a more scholarly approach…

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