Becoming A Doctor Or Physician Assistant Essay examples

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Whether people want to admit or not, the ability to help them directly and make them happier even the curing process is a challenge and sometimes it is not easy to cope with. Working in the health care field is the highest respect job in the society. The health care field contains different careers. To be a doctor or a physician assistant is more than just an occupation. Both doctors and physician assistants deal with people’s pains, and their lives. Many people think that M.D. Specialists and Physicians’ assistant (P.As) have the same work exactly. M.D. Specialists and Physician assistant (P.As) have many similar responsibilities and abilities, but the differences are also significant.

Doctor career is a global occupation. Physicians and surgeons have lots of different tasks and duties they do during the process of their jobs. This may include, taking a patient’s medical history and updating charts and patient information that shows current findings and a lot of treatments. They also order tests and other things for nurses or other staff to perform. These job duties are and can be difficult to accomplish but there’s a ton more than everyone expects. More job duties would be recommending and designing or reviewing a design plan of and for the treatment. They also help patients take care of health issues and discuss topics such as proper nutrition and hygiene. Physician and surgeons work in one or more specialties.
Physician assistants, also known as PAs, practice…

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