Becoming A Doctor As A Medical Doctor Essay

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Unlike the majority of other applicants and fellow classmates, I did not always know I wanted to be a veterinarian. My aspirations in veterinary medicine developed later in life. When I started college, I choose to take a pre-med concentration. I always knew I wanted to help others. Through the encouragement of my family, I decided to start the path to become a medical doctor. While in school, I realized that of all my favorite classes were animal-based. I was frequently encouraged by my advisor to switch from a biomedical concentration to a natural science because all of the courses I wanted to take fell under a natural science concentration. Half-heartedly, I decided to stay the course I was on because I knew I wanted to practice medicine. During my sophomore year in college while looking for work, I was lucky enough to gain employment at a veterinary clinic. I was recommended by a friend who worked there as a veterinary technician. I did not realize it at the time, but landing a job at a veterinary office in Natchitoches is rare. Before long, I realized that what started out as a simple way to make money did not seem like work to me. I actually enjoyed it. I loved how people would come in delighted to visit the doctor and tell him about their life, almost as much as that of their pets. The doctor knew everyone by their name and was so familiar with all of them. I later was granted the opportunity to watch him perform a surgery and was astounded by how simple he made it…

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