Becoming A Dental Therapist Is The Next Step Of My Journey Towards The Betterment Of Society

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Serving as a Dental Nurse in support of numerous professional dentists has sparked my interest
2 to pursue a career in Oral Health Sciences. The ever evolving nature of the industry and the
3 countless existing opportunities have motivated me to progress my career further in this
4 field. I believe that becoming a dental therapist is the next step of my journey towards
5 helping others and aiding in the betterment of society as a whole.
6 During my last year of high school, my strong leadership and communication skills were
7 recognised by the student body and the organisation as I secured the position of Head Girl and
8 led the student body as a role model with a busy schedule of continually improving the
9 community in every way. My rigid schedule led to me learning how to manage my time in the most
10 effective way possible, because handling school assignments, exams and my duties all at the
11 same time was initially a challenge. Having the role also gave me the opportunity to speak
12 publicly in front of a large audience and this helped me conquer the issues I had with stage
13 fright and built my confidence. The role involved making decisions with fellow students and
14 the management body, and this not only taught me leadership skills, but also helped me learn
15 how to both give and receive feedback effectively.
16 After successfully completing high school, I decided to study…

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