Becoming A Counselor For Chemical Dependency Essay examples

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“As a man thinketh so is he”, a verse from the bible noted by my Grandmother in the interview. Providing the listener with some of my Grandma’s strength as a person and view on her life. Being able to overcome alcoholism is one thing, but becoming a counselor for chemical dependency is another. My Grandma is a very strong lady and has been a great role model for many to look up to, even me ever since I was a little kid. Simply looking at my Grandma’s history: being sober for 51 years, beating many health issues and raising 5 kids while running a farm. Just shows me amazing commitment and is a huge accomplishment for a person that has impacted so many people. With all that being said, my Grandma has showed several people how to be resilient and strong in whatever they do. To provide more depth on my Grandma as a person I conducted several interviews with other people close to her, to get a better understanding of how they feel about her. Strong, resilient, independent and inspiring were the most frequent things people said about my Grandma.
Based on her independence growing up she was always the one who wanted to make a difference for people. I ask her sister Shirley about this and she said “You know what, I can’t remember a time when Arlene did not want to help us out as siblings. It did not matter if it was homework, chores or even just a nice sisterly talk.” My Grandma has always shown that independence and willingness to help others in a time of need. Shirley went on to…

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