Essay about Becoming A Coach For A Sports Team

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Everyone feels good when they get something done in life like win something big or become the president. I have some things that I would want to accomplish before I die also. I want to become some type of coach so I can have my own team and learn from then. Also I would like to travel and visit new places. I also want to start a family and have kids of my own and learn from them. These are some of the things that I want to accomplish before I die.

Ever since 8th grade year I have always wanted to become a coach for a sports team. One reason is so that I can have my own team no matter what are record is. Another reason is that I will get to work with little kids and teach then different things about the sport and maybe throw in some life lessons while I’m at it. Being a coach will keep me in shape and on my toes. I would have a lot of fun with the kids during games or matches and tournaments by getting to know them better and watching them grow up and see improvement and success.

Being born and raised in the U.S.A. and never leaving the country, I would like to travel and see all 50 states and also visit Africa. I like to see new places and meet different people and see how things work in other places like in the U.S. we have Alaska were it can get cold there and then we have Arizona and new Mexico where they are like deserts and as we go to places like Florida where in some places it’s kind of swampy. We defiantly have a verity of different places here that I think would…

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