Becoming A Child Adolescent Psychologist Essay

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As I was growing up, just like any other ordinary kid, my family would ask me, “What do you think you want to be when you grow up?” Of course, like any other little girl, I had the ideas of being a princess, a doctor, a veterinarian, even a firefighter at one time, but now that I’m a junior in high school, I realize that I won’t be a kid forever. As adulthood approaches me, I find myself unprepared, but with a plan. My plan is to become a child adolescent psychologist. Someone might ask, what is a child adolescent psychologist? “Child psychologists are highly trained psychology specialists that provide a host of services to children, and sometimes adolescents and families, who are experiencing some sort of life difficulty. Child psychologists often work in a clinical or counseling setting with individual clients or groups of clients. They might specialize in a certain childhood-specific issue, such as treating ADHD, autism, or substance abuse, or they might work in a more generalist manner, seeing clients that have a wide range of difficulties.” (PsychologySchoolGuide. Web.) I have been told numerous times that I’m efficient with children and a great listener. In my opinion, I think this type of job not only helps children, but I think that it betters the psychologists themselves. I would like to explore and pursue this career in my future because, I like helping people and working with children, also because I come from a small town where there are no, quote on, quote,…

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